Why I set an imap account, I can not set it as default?


I change to set POP account, it can be set as default.

The error is exactly what it says.

To make an account the default account, it needs to have both a send and receive service. That means you need to be able to send and receive messages on that account.

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the General tab for the account.
Scroll down to Services.
Does it have either IMAP and SMTP or POP3 and SMTP?
Are both services ticked?


I understand your meaning. but we could not find SMTP in this page. Is there any method to force it to enter the SMTP?

Something may have gone wrong during the setup, or the server is misconfigured and not offering SMTP during autodiscover.

You can delete this account, then set it up again, following the manual setup instructions in the Documentation (F1) here.

I set up it again. All e-mail accounts are imported from Thunderbird. IMAP’s work but SMTP’s do not work. Today I input data to SMTP and do not process diagonostics, then save it. IMAP and SMTP are working a while. I thought that it might be the debug file routine will overwrite them. Please check it and avoid overwriting the correct input data.

When you import an account from Thunderbird, it may only have the IMAP service as that is the how accounts are setup in that application. SMTP are separate accounts. So rather setup the account in eM Client by going to Menu > Accounts > Add Account. Enter the email address in the Automatic Setup.

When you click on Diagnose, different settings are tested with the server. If you don’t want to change the settings, don’t click on Diagnose.

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I wonder it. The running circle after the account is running running.