Why I regret ever adopting EM Client

Here is why I regret ever adopting EM Client (not to mention recommending it to friends) and why I am going back to Thunderbird…

I am not a computer/internet rookie. I’ve been online since 2001. I am no expert, but I am savvy enough to have managed to avoid professional PC help for twelve long years; I even install additional RAM myself. (Not much of a feat, I know - but I am familiar with internet forums, and I know how quickly people assume you’re electronically illiterate when you dare to criticise an application).

In all this time, I’ve worked with Outlook Express and Thunderbird, not to mention trying out many other email clients (just like I’ve tried out many browsers; I like to keep abreast of what’s happening).

I’ve had EM Client for two months minus two days. In this very short time, I’ve spent, cumulatively, days - if not weeks - repairing it, uninstalling and reinstalling it, performing System Restore and countless other chores - time that I’ll never get back and that I would have liked to spend otherwise.

The issues were varied, but they appeared fairly quickly. (Remember, I’ve only had it for two months!)
There were also in-built features - or rather, their lack - that I didn’t like.
(For example, not being able to cancel an outgoing email. It’s ridiculous! Outlook could do this ten years ago; Thunderbird can do it - but Em Client can’t?)

Today, however, the client was suddenly unable to connect to the server and I could not download any new messages, even though no settings had been changed and the in-built diagnostics showed everything was OK. (I was able to download and read them perfectly fine in Google webmail.) It kept saying that the messages “will be downloaded the next time I go online” - and I WAS online, all the time.

I tried EVERYTHING, including all the various solutions offered in various relevant threads in this forum. Repair didn’t work (even though every time the message that it had “repaired” the client appeared), adjusting the synchronisation interval did nothing, uninstalling and reinstalling did nothing (except take my time)… nothing worked.

In my despair I finally clicked the “repair” button for the INBOX (accessible through “properties”).
I did read the accompanying message, which says:

“Sometimes the contents of the local cache may need resynchronizing from the server. Use the repair button with caution, it deletes the whole local cache for a particular folder (…)”.

“Use with caution”? The “local cache”?
Why not say it CLEARLY, so everyone can understand without a doubt?


Because that’s what it did in my case. It deleted hundreds of messages, dating back to mid-2009, among them messages that were very dear to me.
Not only that, but it deleted them also from Thunderbird, from which it had copied the folders and subfolders.

Irreplaceable messages - four years of my life - were gone in a minute.
In the twelve years I’ve been online no other client has managed to wreak so much havoc in my email, and demand so much of my time and attention.

Oh, and guess what?
It still doesn’t work!
In other words, the original issue that prompted this catastrophe remains unaffected.

I am now very grateful that I kept my Thunderbird - “just in case”.
Ironically, after all of this, I cannot even remember why I ever ditched it.


I understand you concerns, but I was unable to find any your posts with your problems, sometimes problems that looks same are cause by different issue.

POP3 have no repair button, that means that you have IMAP and IMAP does not delete emails from server.
So your emails are there, of course if you didn’t delete them manually.
Only thing you need to do is to synchronize again.

also eM Client can’t delete emails from another clients, it simply can’t do this even by mistake.

““Sometimes the contents of the local cache may need resynchronizing from the server. Use the repair button with caution, it deletes the whole local cache for a particular folder (…)”.”
I possibly can’t imagine what more obvious information can be there… This message clearly says that it will delete LOCAL cache, online will remain untouched.

I understand that you have uninstalled eM client completely so I will not be able to help you, but if you will ever want to return and you will encounter any issues please make a new topic with your issue or make post in another.

with regards