Why have you erased my free license key?

Why have you erased my free license key? Im only using my mail at my privat home computer, not for work. I got a mail from George Wilson warning me about my mail-use and that you suspect me for using eM Client for commersial purpose. This is wrong. Do you log all my emails? If you do, I dont want to use eM Client any more.

eM Client does not log your emails. Maybe reply to George Wilson’s email and explain that you use the license for personal use only. I am sure that will resolve the situation amicably.

I had the same happen to me as well!  I have a pro account and I created a free account for testing as per Maurice so that I didnt mess up my emails on my pro account.  Then George tells me my license is being pulled.  So they must know something about how I use my client and whats the difference whether I use my pro account or my free account, especially when I am trying to help THEM resolve an issue with THEIR software?  I even told George (if he is actually a real person and not an alias) that I was working with Maurice on an issue but that made no difference.  So it would seem they dont talk to each other within their own company. 

There does seem to be a lack of communication within the company. Russel told me that if a user is suspected of violating the license conditions, eM Client would ask them for clarification before withdrawing the license. If the user was not able to satisfactorily explain their use, then the license would be withdrawn.

It does seem odd that George Wilson would not take your arrangement with Maurice into account before cancelling your free license.