Why don't my sub folders and .eml folders appear when using Windows Explorer (Win. 7)


I’m having a problem viewing emails and sub folders in my Local Folders when using Windows Explorer. I’ve tried to find the answer in the forums myself but I can’t seem to find a straight answer.

When I run eM Client, and I go to Local Folders, I see my Inbox, Outbox, Trash, etc. folders. I also see the sub folders that I created in my Inbox folder and all the emails (.eml files).

When I use Windows Explorer though, and go to the database where all the emails are stored:

 Users --> [Me] --> AppData --> Roaming --> eM Client --> Local Folders

I don’t see any folders (ie. Inbox, Outbox, Trash, etc). Nor do I see any of my sub folders or any of my .eml files. Why is this? Shouldn’t I be able to see them here? I know that when I put emails into Local Folders in eM Client, they are viewable offline. But I still can’t find them in Windows explorer.

I noticed that when I save  an email in eM Client (using Save As…) onto my desktop, for example, I can actually see the file on my desktop and see the file in windows explorer.

Also, while using the eM Client program, what exactly is the difference between moving files into local folders and actually saving the files?


Much like MS Outlook stores you messages within a .pst file, eM Client stores your messages within an SQLite database. You cannot view the contents outside of the eM Client application. 

Save As is actually an export function, so the message is saved as (exported to) an .eml file outside of the application. These are external files and no longer linked with the database. 
There are basically two sections to the eM Client database; local folders and online folders. Local folders contain data that is not synced with a server, so the messages, events or contacts only exist within the eM Client database. Online folders, such as IMAP, Exchange, CalDAV and CardDAV contain data that is a cached copy of what exists on a server.