HELP!!! I just downloaded and entered the license # for the free version and while it looks mighty pretty, nothing works! I’ve read posts about this but there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of answers - just complaints.

I cannot send or receive email. I get the annoying pop-up asking for my password every few seconds. I have no idea what my smtp or pop should be - it entered automatically. What am I doing wrong?

There is not enough to go on in your post.
I never trust auto set up.
I would start by getting your set up data, from your ISP, writing it down exactly and comparing it item at a time with what is entered under tools>accounts

DavidC has a good idea for a start. How about telling how you handled e-mail before installing “eM Client” so we have a little idea where to start helping. Your ISP should give you the information about your Pop3 account server, usually that is: pop…com or ending in .net or some other. The sending should be: smtp…com or ending in .net or some other.

I just installed the same eM Client on my system and only had to make minor changes as the Automatic setup went through the install and determining my servers and your password should be similar or the same as what you use to logon to the Internet.