Why does viewing email trigger scripts? (espcially in spam folder)

It’s been a while since I’ve used Thunderbird, but I don’t remember this automatic focus-grabbing happening.

As to disabling the message preview panel … it appears to be a *global* function. Any chance of making it configurable on a per-folder basis (ie. manually disable on any Spam folders)? Wouldn’t that solve the problem ?>.

Or … another idea … use a hotkey to show/hide the preview panel. Is there already one, by any chance, that I’ve missed?

Fortunately Thunderbird is still available if that works for you. :wink:

Well … sorrreeee … you’re going to lose customers at a great rate with “constructive” comments like that. A couple of us here have spent a fair bit of time actually trying to help you. You could at least take that in the spirit with which it was given. Putting a “smiley” on the end of it doesn’t make it any less unfriendly.

My customer base is just fine, thank you. I am not an employee of eM Client Inc.