Why does printing take so long!

A few releases ago I reported a problem with printing email on an attached printer; it would take about 10 minutes for printing to begin. In the last release this seemed to be vastly improved. Printing would initiate in about 1 minute. Now I am on release 3.5.13654.0 and the 10 minute printing delay is back. I’m running an up to date Vista Home Premium on a Toshiba laptop.

this is not eM Client related issue, try to check your printing settings or you can try to reinstall device driver.

George Wilson

As a software developer, I find this response difficult to understand. I just initiated a print request by clicking “print” in the file menu. It took about 1 minute to get the printer dialog box. After clicking print in the dialog it took over 4 minutes for the printer icon to appear in the system tray and another 5 minutes to start printing. I have no delays in printing from other programs such as Notepad, Photoshop, Internet Explorer, Word, etc. Printing is handled by the WIndows Operating system. eM Client only has to invoke these functions in Windows. So it isn’t a driver issue. What printer settings do you think might be involved?