why does it add the email address of any mail i sent to my contact list - using the latest beta7

as the title - if i send or reply to a mail it adds the email address of the mail i am sending to my contact list even if the contact is in my contacts - the contact list just gets longer and longer 

Hello Tony,
this is a strange issue, could you please share more information?
What mail account does this happen on? Is it gmail/outlook/yahoo/other?
What mail protocol does it use? IMAP/POP/Exchange?
Are the contacts saved in your loval folders or in the folder of the respective account?
Can you go to Tools>Settings>Mail>Compose section and see if disabling the Recipients history solves the issue for you?


thanks - unticking the box solved it - had looked but had not found that - guess i had seen it but had not realised what it did

I have a similar effect: When I create and mail a message and use a received mail for editing, like replying to a mail received, the names of the recipients of the mail I use show up in the “sent items” list as recipients, although the mail has never been sent to them (e.g. if I edited the recipients’ names before sending). It is only a display problem in the “sent items” list, but is very confusing. Does your advice help here as well?