Why+does+EM+Client+periodically+lose+all+of+the+messages+in+the+Inbox+and+how+can+it+be+avoided.++My+other+folders+seem+to+preserves+the+emails+they+contain.  This is very disruptive, especially when the client keeps losing connection with the server.  I need a way to avoid this situation if possible.

Hello Thomas,
that is definitely not the expected behaviour. I will need to know more about your account setup to determine why is it so. What account does this happen on? What mail protocol does it use?
Can you copy the error about lost connection?


Olivia-- Thanks for responding.   I have spent many hours now trying to get all my mail back into em client from the server.  I use the microsoft web based server and I access it via outlook.com, but that seems to be the same as hotmail,com.  However, my email address domain is msn.com.  Whatever-- I am not getting the same error messages any longer.  So I cannot provide them for you.  I think that em client has trouble communicating with the server and who can say why.  

In the process of recovery there were several strange things happening which I now attribute to poor communication between em client and the server software.  Is it a protocol issue?  Don’t know.  But the latest problem is that em client seems to be stuckk trying to synch up one particular folder.  The message count on the server is 109 messages more than the one on em client and although the Operations window continues to indicate that it is uploading to this folder, there are no messages coming in.  This would not be so detrimental if it was not preventing email from being sent out.   I have the settings to send email immediately, and there are two messages stuck in the outbox that I cannot get to go.  One of them has been there since last night and even though the em client has been closed and restarted, the send is not being initiated.  Any solutions?

Hello Thomas,
I think the whole issue is with the AirSync protocol. Since you seem to be solving the same issue on more threads, please lets continue on this one -> https://getsatisfaction.com/emclient/…