Why does eM client continually ask me to reactivate my account upon program launch or tells me I don't have a valid license

I’ve have been using eM client for about 4 months and am generally satisfied with the way it performs however one thing continually bugs me. I have the client setup on my laptop and my desktop workstation and in both setups when starting the program I often get an error message telling me I either do not have a valid license or I have to reactivate my license. Can someone please tell me why this is happening and if there is a way to avoid it.

Hi, do you use one license for your both devices? You need to have one free license for one device.

Pro license can be bought as one with multiple activations.


Thanks for the reply. I’m still a little confused. I purchased the software a few months back and received my activation key and have used this on both my workstation PC and my laptop to activate the software. Are you saying that this purchased license is only valid on one of my devices?


If you have bought only one license then yes.


Ok thanks.

you are welcome.

I have a free license and I still have the problem Jimm Moss has for both my desktop and my laptop computers. It’s frustrating yet I still like the service. Please help. Thanks.

and do you have only once license for both devices?


I have the same problem and I only have it on my laptop

Hi, when you registered, have you activated it in eM Client - Help - License?


yes but everyday it requires me to activate again

Note that I still continue to have this problem about 1 in every 3 times I start up EMclient when only using the software on one PC.

Its frustrating to permanently need to have a copy of my license number on my desktop so that its handy to reactivate the software to be able to use it to its full potential, this despite a couple of software updates to the program during the past month.

I really like using this client but this problem is very annoying and I would very much like to see it solved.

Can you please reply to my previous question ?

"and do you have only once license for both devices?

Jan "

‘continue to have this problem about 1 in every 3 times I start up EMclient when only using the software on one PC’.

Have you tried deactivate and activate?


I have the same issue; one email account and accessing from two different computers, so I have to past my license in to activate it each time I open eM from the other computer. I have tried to deactivate and activate and the same issue continues. Any fix would be appreciated!!!

Hi, this is actually not an issue. eM client licenses are one per computer so if you’re using the same license on two computers it will keep asking for the license number over and over again.
If you’re a non-commercial user you can register for a second free license with a different email address, if this is not the case though you’d have to purchase a second license or purchase a multi-license for both computers.

Thank you for understanding,


eM Client typically asks for licence reactivation when you attempt to use one eM Client license on multiple computers so please make sure you have one eM Client license per each computer and if the problem persists, let us know. Thank you. 

Sorry, but this answer is confusing (although no more so than many of the sog. “Help” pages). I too have one (1) account and two (2) computers (laptop and desktop). I can get two free licenses for this one account, apparently, but they must have different email addresses (a subject on which Help is silent).

“Pro license (singular) can be bought as one with multiple activations.”
Does this mean (a) in the list below? or (b)? or something else?
and if (a) do I need two different license numbers?

If I buy the Professional version, can I
   a) run this professional version on my two machines
    b) have to buy two professional versions @ $50 apiece?
    c) run the professional version on one machine, and the free on the other?
    d) none of the above?

Hello Nicholas, eM client currently has a strict one license per computer policy, this applies to all Free and PRO licenses with the exception of PRO multi-licenses that includes multiple seats and can be used on multiple computers as a single activation key.

If you’re using the application for your own personal use and don’t use the application for commercial use or your business account, you’re free to use the free license on your computers, as a business customer you’re required to purchase a license for each computer you want to use the application on with your business/commercial accounts.

You can purchase the additional licenses here, http://www.emclient.com/pricing

Hope this helps,