Why does a meeting room always appear in my Calendar Scheduling? Should it be my email?

Not sure why, but when creating a calendar event the Scheduling tab always shows boardroom@ (one of our meeting room addresses) in the top space. Should that be my address?

sorry for the late reply. Usually the first attendee is the email address or the owner of the calendar from which you’re creating the event.

You should be able to choose the owner (and thus the first attendee) below the scheduling.

Let me know if you have any more issues with this.

Thank you,

I am seeing a very similar issue. It seems the system is picking the first email from my google shared calenders. This happens when an account called (GData)? is selected.

I am forced to change this manually every time I want to set up a new invite.

Any idea what GData is and if it should be in the account list?


I found the bug. If you dont have a Name: set in Tools > Accounts >. General it defaults to using the next google calendar in your list after your own calender.

Wes, if you could confirm on your client that would be great.