Why do we need Inbox, Outbox, Sent , etc categories under local folders?

I see specific Gmail folder categories under my local folder structure?. What is the purpose of this? I can’t delete these folders; only hiding them if they don’t have content . How do I get rid of these folders?. I prefer my own structure or a structure under Archived. This way my folder tree in the left panel stays as short as possible.

Hello Rene, these are default folders, if Local folders were used for incoming POP3 Mail or for POP3 account handling, these folders would be populated by incoming and outgoing mail. Unfortunately it is not possible to remove these folders. Also the local outbox folder is used for all your outgoing mail across all accounts.


I don’t understand the answer. Mail in and out come to the pop3 account I have set up so why would I need the folders under Local Folders.