Why do items in some folders get randomly deleted?

Using emclient with yahoo imap account. One of the folders I have set up has been randomly deleting all the messages that have been there for days. It does it to unread and read messages.

Are you using the latest version of eM? http://www.emclient.com/dist/v3.5.122…

No. 3.5.11809, which is all that is available on their website. What is this 3.6.122 and why can I not get it direct from emclient?

Version 3.5.11809 is official release. Version 3.5.12280 mentioned above is candidate for next update which is in testing phase now and may be unstable.

Does it happen only in eM Client or also in Yahoo webmail ? I tested it and it is behaving as it should for me.

Seems to be emclient causing the issue. I had been using Tbird prior to emclient with no issues. I have switched back to Tbird for now because it doesn’t seem to have as many bugs as emclient and I can set up as many accounts with as many aliases/identities as I want. Tbirds spam filter also seems to be better

I can set the retention policy for each folder individually in Tbird.

You can also do that in eM Client - right-click at some folder and choose Apply rule or go to menu Tools->Rules, choose a rule and click Apply rule, then click Select folder(s) and choose what folders do you want the rule to be applied to.

It should work. We would appreciate if you send us logs: update to the newest version (link mentioned above; IMAP logs aren’t working in the release you have), go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check IMAP. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us the logs (with the reference to your problem) using the same logging settings window.

I don’t understand how a rule would do this. There is no rule I see that says to keep items in folder until I permanently delete them.

I will set the log file, but I have no idea when it will delete the messages because it is totally random