why do I need fill in my google password each time (use two step authentication)

each time I start eM I have to fill in my google password (two step auth) or authorize the app to login. This should solve din the last update, but it’s not

Hello, what version of eM Client are you currently using only your computer, can you please check the exact release number in help > About or update your eM Client to this release, 6.0.23144.0 and check if the issue persists?


Im on 23181.0 and it keeps popping up. When I enter the correct password and click submit - Nothing happens. When I enter the wrong password and hit submit, I get an error message.

Hello, not quite sure what window you’re referring to, what exactly are you having issues with, can you please describe your application’s behaviour more closely or open another topic on the community support?


Thank you for your response.
The window I am referring to is the “Sign in with your google account” window where it asks for my uname/pass then asks me to accept the tasks it wants access to. It asks me once for each of two accounts. It has done this occasionally since Google started the OAUTH process. Now, suddenly, it is coming up constantly and not responsing when I hit “Sumbit”. 
Tried deleting and recreating accounts.
Emclient Pro 6.0.23181.0
Windows 10
Google Apps Standard (2 accounts)