Why do I keep getting Delivery Status Failure messages pointing to aze056@065408.dynv6.net??

Why do I keep getting Delivery Status Failure messages pointing to aze056@065408.dynv6.net?

Looks like a spammer’s address. Maybe your email provider has blocked it.

It seems to have something to do with my attempts to “unsubscribe” from various junk e-mails.  At the top of these emails is the option to “unsubscribe from receiving these messages” which I assumed was an  eM Client option.  How did the option get there if not eM Client?

Yes, if there is an unsubscribe link in the email, eM Client puts the handy unsubscribe from receiving these messages in the header so you don’t have to scroll through loads of trash to find it. So if you clicked on that it either sent an unsubscribe email or opened a web page. If it sent an email, you will find the sent email in your Sent folder. Maybe the email address was malformed, that is why you got a delivery failure. Often your email server will try to deliver the message a few tmes, so you may get multiple notifications of delivery failure.

But I have a suggestion for you. If you receive unsolicited email that offers an unsubscribe link, never use it. The spam may be trolling for valid email addresses, and if you reply, your address is then confirmed as valid and will end up on any number of lists for sale. Best bet is to Move to junk and blacklist the email or domain.

Only if the email is coming from some website that you are farmiliar with, maybe you subscribed to a newsletter or somethng, then it is safe to use the unsubscribe option.

Thank you very much.  I always suspected it was not a good idea to respond to an e-mail’s offer to unsubscribe but have done so anyway in some instances.  Causing my own problems, I guess.