Why do I have to sometimes click multiple times to selet a message?

When clicking through the message list I often (but not always) have to click a message more than once to select it.  This could be to select it to see it in the preview pane, or ctrl+click to add or remove it from a selection.  It’s like it randomly throws away the click.

Any tweaking utilities or mouse customization applications running Rafeek?

No.  Also the behaviour is specific to eM Client.  No other applications have shown similar behaviour.

Did you try reinstalling eM Client?

Maybe download the latest version from http://www.emclient.com/release-history and see if that is any different.

That didn’t fix it, also eM Client claims there are no updates when it is 2 releases behind…

After some more investigating, it seems that the list sometimes shows a tooltip of the message subject if it’s too long to show up in the list.  The tooltip shows up immediately under the mouse pointer so that it blocks you from being able to click on the list.  The correct (normal) behaviour should be for the tooltip to show up to the bottom-right of the mouse pointer so that it doesn’t block the mouse.

You are not the first to mention that. It seems that the in-application update function ignores some updates. Apparently there is some reason that eM Client Inc. do not have all updates visible to this function.

Now I understand. Long subjects are only displayed that way when you have conversations in all views. In the other views there is no such problem.

Rafeek, if you have a Pro License, you could open a support ticket so that this bug can find its way to the developers.