Why do I have to click on "repair" in order to receive my latest emails?

What email service are you using?  If it is Charter, it is not compatible with eM Client as Charter uses a non-standard form of IMAP which does not push to the client.  eM Client assumes a push, so emails are only received when you start eM Client (or repair).  A solution would be to set up the account as POP3, since the client is expected to pull.  However, POP3 only downloads messages, it does not sync.

When I set up the accounts, the emails immediatley came in. It seemed to work the first day, as I heard the email sound (I had assigned) go off throughout the day when it received emails. All of the sudden it quit and it will receive only when I click on “repair,” so that doesn’t make sense. I would think eM Client would find a way to be compatible with Charter, a very large ISP in the nation. They work with most of the other third party softwares for email programs.

Also in the place of “POP3” Charter is using “mobile” which may be the fix that should get around that problem. They are using “mobile.charter.net” in place of IMAP and SMTP…

Yeah, I can’t comment on Whether or not eM Client should support Charter, but the unfortunate answer is they don’t.  I personally don’t like to use ISP email accounts as it doesn’t allow me to take the address with me if I change providers, but that’s just a personal choice.

You can try that server with IMAP, but it may use a protocol not typically supported by desktop clients.