Why do I have to choose my browser app EVERY TIME I click on a hyperlink?

Why do I have to choose my browser/search engine app every time I click on a hyperlink in an email? Firefox is set as my default, but confirming this in every instance where I want to open a hyerlink is very annoying. I have tried changing the default to Chrome, but I am still required to confirm it every time.

Just a eM Client user here.  Could it be your operating system, it’s firewall/security settings, or an anti-virus/malware program interfering?  Not sure eM Client would care which browser is your default. 

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, it is an eM Client pop-up box that asks me to confirm my browser every time I click on a hyperlink.

Sorry you have to deal with this.  Should be interesting to see what Support has to say about this.  

this is a curious issue we have not encountered before.

What version of Windows are you using as your Operating system?
What version of eM Client are you currently running? (full number in Help>About section)


I am using Windows 10 with eM Client 6.0.24928.0.

I run Windows 10 Pro with the same version of 6 you have without any problems. No help, I know, but makes me wonder what is different with your setup.  

I just use the built-in Microsoft Windows Defender as my anti-virus program and activate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free version) from time to time to take care of any malware.  Chrome and eM Client are both set as defaults (Start/Settings/System/Default apps).  Chrome as Web browser, of course, and eM Client as Email.