Why do emails do not load if they have been viewed in a different software prior to opening eM Client?

If I view my email in my mobile phone or use another software such as Outlook then log into my email in eM Client, all the emails I viewed in in mobile do not come up in the eM Client software. Any solution?

Appreciating your support guys

Is your Outlook or mail app on your phone configured to use POP3? If so, it will download incoming messages and delete them from the server, unless you set the option to leave messages on the server.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your response.

Correct, I am using POP3.

Can you guide me on how to save the email in the server when using in my mobile and in my other laptop (using Outlook)

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This explains the setting in Outlook:

As an alternative, I would recommend using IMAP rather than POP3. This would allow you to read all your messages in all folders from multiple devices because your messages are always stored on the server and only synchronised with your local email application(s).

Thank you for your support.

I got the hang of it.