Why can't i use gmail groups instead of having to create distribution lists which are problematic anyway?

I have a lot of different groups i need to email - but many times i want to select which individuals to receive the email - sometimes just a few, sometimes most of them but not all - this is easy in The Bat! which i have been using for years - just drop down the group list, and select which ones you want, or select all, and remove the few you don’t want. Gmail lets you do something similar but not as easily. However em Client wants the extra step of creating distribution lists and then to use them where you have to painfully check through the finished email to remove addresses you don’t want before sending them. Surely em Client can do better than this, particularly as its main focus is meant to be businesses where sending to groups would be something often done? Any ideas please, as the lack of sending easily to specific people in groups is the main reason holding me back from making em Client my default email program (ditto same problem with Mailbird i believe).

In The Bat you need to create a group, then select the group to email, then unselect those you don’t want.

In eM Client you create a distribution list, then select the list to email, then unselect those you don’t want.

Much the same, isn’t it?