Why can't I receive emails today?

Why can’t I receive emails today?

Any errors?
Have you checked with your email host?

I thought I was speaking with my email host.

You posted your question on the eM Client forum.

How can I speak to eM Client?

If using a PRO version of eMC you can create a support ticket… VIP Support on eMC web site

If using the free version, ask away here with as much information as you have and 1 or more of the volunteers will attempt to help

i cannot receive emails either, so it can’t be our end. It must be a problem with EMclient?

Thanks Al. I am using the free version. Everything was fine yesterday but today no new emails. I have done nothing different; I have altered nothing. As momo says, it must be a problem their end, don’t you think?

are you both dealing with the same email host?
Remember we can not see anything you are seeing on your end… so you will need to give us an idea of what you are encountering. Screen shots of error messages on screen, errors in the MENU > OPERATIONS tabs, etc.

In addition what was the response to your contact with your Email Host support group…?

eMC version?
Windows or Mac?

Forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by “email host”?

Well @momo says it must be eMC problem. At this point it could be either but we have no information being supplied for anyone to make a determination.

Yes, both EMClient I think. I recently had a Windows update. Maybe it is to do with that. I will try a restore tomorrow.

The entity where the email server resides. You had to supply that info when you created the eMC account(s). It could be GMAIL, Yahoo, IONOS or many other names. eMC connects to this entity to receive mail, send mail, etc…

eMC is not an Email Host… eMC connects to the Host to get the email, send email, etc. You both are using eMC but that makes sense… However, there is no information from either of you about where the emails reside originally.

I have no idea where the emails reside originally! I have a clip of error message now, but cant see how to attach it. It is the old version 7.2.34062.0. Windows 8.1.

Do you have th e old version EMClient?

Go to MENU > ACCOUNTS select the POP3 or IMAP tab and check the “Host” name… that should give you a clue…

You need to paste it into the reply… or type it into the reply
Very old version of eMC from 12-18-2018

Ah I am with plus.com (plus

Error message wont paste. Will type it tomorrow. Yes a very old version. Maybe a Plusnet problem do you think?

Ahhh, PLUSNET… that should be your Host… login and see if they are reporting any problems…or call their support group… here is their info

Our award-winning, UK based customer support is available 7 days a week

0800 432 0200

8am - 8pm Monday to Friday
9am - 7pm Saturday
9am - 6pm Sunday

ALSO, search this forum (search for PLUSNET) for information about the many issues people are having with PLUSNET

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