Why can't I archive in the smart folders?

Just wondering why archiving is not available in the smart inboxes, but is available if I go in a specific inbox. Can’t EmClient figure out to which inbox archive an email?
I miss this feature from thunderbird.

this issue has been already reported to us and we are working on the fix.

Good to hear, any idea on when we the fix will be available?

I am sorry but I cannot tell you any exact time frame when it will be implemented.

2 updates later and I still haven’t seen the fix yet…are you close to getting this addressed?

It appears that it will not be addressed sooner that in the next major version 6.

How far away is that?

Approximately 3 months.

Any update on this? This is a deal breaker for me


We are currently working on this, fix will be released together with 6th version in few weeks.


I just bought version 5…will I get to upgrade for free? Do you have a release date?


Yes, users who bought 5th version (close past, now, from now on) will receive free update to 6th version.

Release date is supposed to be in few weeks sometime in mid to late autumn.


This thread is almost a year old and after updating to v6 … to my disbelief …this still has not been fixed???

Please…an eta

Anyone ?

Hi, currently we have no eta on this, but it is still planned.


Just curious, 3 years on, This still isn’t a feature… Was it scrapped for some reason?