Why can't eM fix the bugs in the client?

What bugs? Here are the ones I’ve found.

Fonts frozen at 8-point–are you kidding?

Search function totally undependable. I search for email or sender that I know is in my inbox–eM Client can’t find it. Go to Gmail web client; it finds the email within instants.

Goes offline (and doesn’t download messages, apparently at random) when the computer is online. Tell it is download email that it didn’t download–get message that it will the next time I’m online, but I am, of course, online.

Get connection error pop-up triggered by nothing in particular (many times every day) saying that it can’t connect with email server. So I hit the send-receive button, and it connects.

Net result? Constant need to fix its errors or to respond to its error messages. Have to search mail through web. Some of these bugs were first reported a long time ago–no fixes forthcoming.

I can’t believe I paid for this thing. Mostly I wanted a good interface to my Google Calendar, which eM does have. It never occurred to me that it wouldn’t be able to perform the most routine email tasks without constant screw-ups.

Finally, can someone check in here and let us know if you guys have any intention of fixing any of these pervasive problems? I’m so frustrated and feel like I dumped money down a hole.


>Fonts frozen at 8-point–are you kidding?

What fonts are frozen?

>Search function totally undependable. I search for email or sender that
>I know is in my inbox–eM Client can’t find it. Go to Gmail web client; it
>finds the email within instants.

I really like the search function. I find it to be very quick and accurate.

As far as your other problems go it sounds like it could be eM is having
trouble with your imap connections. I’m only using pop so I haven’t encounterd
the problems you and others seem to be having.
(I’m presuming you are using imap)

Yeah, it’s IMAP, and I agree that eM is struggling with it. Which, since it is the recommended mode in many settings, is a a considerable problem.

And the search function thing has been consistently flaky since I installed the software.

Sorry, “frozen fonts” is misleading. Text in the reading pane is shown at 8 points with no apparent way of changing the default. Using Tools|Settings, etc. doesn’t work. This appears to be a known bug.

So: can’t find what I look for, have to push eM through its IMAP bugs, and have trouble reading my email because the font’s too small. (Yes, I can change the font size on each individual email by using ctl-mouse wheel, but really …)

I think that’s about it.

Fonts: Open Tools - Settings - Mail - Read and change the preferred font size for reading messages. It should work without any problems.

Search function - can you please be more specific? Are you sure you have enabled searching in all folders?

IMAP issues - are you getting any error messages? If so, could you please post here a screenshot? You can also send us your IMAP logs. It will tell us more. Thank you.

Thanks for your attention, George.

Fonts: sure it should work without problems, but it doesn’t–as it also doesn’t for many other folks who have posted on these forums. eM gets stuck on a small font for the reading pane and won’t change no matter what you do.

Search: I will have to find an example and post it; don’t have one at hand because I’ve stopped relying on eM’s search function. Where is the setting for enabling search for all folders?

Error messages? I see them all day long. Here’s an example:

I’ll get back to you with examples of search failures.


Are you sure you did not use Zoom in a received message? Try to press Ctrl+0 to set original zoom level.
As regards the error messages - the problem is described very well. eM Client simply tries to upload a message, which is not accepted by the server because of its size. Delete the message (“Revised Directory … Photo Names”) permanently and the error message will disappear.