Why can I not enter calendar entries with start time = end time?

There are events, that have no duration. E.g. a train arrives at one time (hopefully :slight_smile: ), I leave early, I come in late, …

But eM Client doesn’t allow me to enter end time = start time. This is no problem for e.g. Sunbird. eM Client can read those 0 duration events, but when I edit such events, I am not allowed to save it again.

sorry but this isn’t understood as an issue, if you need really short duration events, just set them for 1 minute duration or create a task.

Thank you for understanding.

A task will not fit the idea, because if I come in late, I should set that in the calendar, so everybofy can see that.

Second, I am not able to edit entries done with other clients such as Lightning or sunbird, because they set start=end time. So I can not understand,m why eM Client does not allow it, but can handle those entries very well.

other users suggested we add this feature and created an ‘Idea’ topic, if you’d like to see this feature, you can vote for this idea and if the user feedback is sufficient we’ll add it.

The feature is currently under consideration and might be added in future releases.

Hope you understand,

Where can I find this topic to vote for?

I think there’s more of them on the forum, but one was recently created here:


I agree this is an issue, because I can’t get the program to work like I want it to - or like other similar programs work. I will post to the “idea” forum as well.

Hi Todd, zero the idea has been added several times on the forum, no need to create a new one, if you want to show support for the idea, please search for the topic on the forum.

However please note that zero-length events can be added as task, tasks can be displayed in the calendar below your day, week or work week view allowing you to have full overview of your regular meetings and tasks.

Zero time events can not be added to eM Client.