Why are you limiting your users ability to install this software?

We decided to remove this option in order to make the setup clearer and easier for a standard user. However, you can still install eM Client to a specific folder using a command line parameter. Please contact me directly at wilson@emclient.com - I will send you further instructions.

no sale
this is “nerdware”
software written by nerds is rarely much use in real life

Thank you George for offering your help to avoid the default installation path. I used the instructions you provided and everything went smoothly. Also used the possibilty to put the database on a different volume that contains al my user data. Thanks again, I’m happy so far.

this is “awesomeware”

the best email client i have used with practical use and amazing features, not slow laggy horror i tried before


thank you for your positive feedback :slight_smile:

with regards