why are some emails of my contacts in junk mail folder ?`how can i fix it ?

some incoming emails of my contacts are sent directy to junk mail Folder ?

Hi, I suggest checking if the email address is not blacklisted on your server settings.
You can also check if you didn’t blacklist the address in eM Client by going to Tools > Rules and double click on “Blacklist”, you should be then able to review all blacklisted domains, emails, etc.

If neither of these options help, you can try adding the addresses to your “whitelist” in Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy.

Hope this helps,

oh thanks. why are email adresses like “gmx.net” or “T-Online.de” automatically in the blacklist ???

Hi, what do you mean by automatically? There’s no feature/function that would allow eM client automatically blacklist emails or domains, it must have been a user input, maybe you’ve added the domains into the blacklist by accident.