Why are my emails being archived?

Turned on computer today, started eMClient, and found that my “archive” folder which previously had been empty, now had thousands of emails in it.  Emails I had previously moved to other folders, as well as sent emails.  I checked settings to ensure that archiving is turned “off” which it is, and cant figure out why these emails have been moved to archive.  I use an imap account, not pop3.  This is going to take forever to get them all back in the proper folders…

eM Client’s Automatic Archiving feature moves messages from IMAP folders to Local Folders, and it keeps the folder structure intact. All you need to do is move the folders back to the IMAP folders. Should take just a couple of clicks and it is all done.

If the archive folder where all your messages ended up is part of the IMAP folders, then it is not eM Client. I would look to any other device connected to the same email account, or maybe contact the email provider about what could be doing that server-side.