Why are mails going directly to the trash when the senders are not blacklisted?

Hi John,
this shouldn’t be happening. Can you tell me more about your situation? Which version are you running, what email address is this happening on, what mail service does that address use? Are the mails sent to Trash in eM Client or do they end up in it on server already? Do you have any other rules set up?

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Hi Olivia!

Version 6.02.2341.0.
Happening on my address:  [email protected]
Telenor (Norway) is the supplyer.
Mails go directly to Trash in eM Client.
These mails have come to Inbox previously, and the senders are not blacklisted by me.
When reading them in Trash I select: “Move to Inbox and remove blacklisting.”
Next mail still goes to Trash.
No other rules set.
No problems when using Mozilla Thunderbird…


Is this an IMAP or POP account? Can you please check the Tools > Accounts settings?

SMTP/POP 3 account.


Can you please go to Tools > Rules and screenshot the window for me?

I have checked Rules, and the senders I want mail from are not registered there.

Can you please take a screenshot of the rules window?

This takes too much time. I was expecting a solution after my first mail. We will drop the whole thing, and I ́ll fix it myself (when I have the time…).
Thanks for your effort!

Regards, John.

Hi John,
since this is not how the application is supposed to behave and we have not encountered this issue before, we couldn’t give you a solution right away without any information, I’m sorry you didn’t feel like this was going anywhere.
Good luck and don’t hesitate to return to this thread if you’ll want our help after all.

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I am having the same problem.  How can I stop it from putting my emails in the trash?