Why are features disappearing?

Has spell checking been discontinued? The program keeps getting worse. It also used to automatically paste HTML links. Also there is no way to edit recipient lists. If I don’t pay attention, I can accidentally send email to someone’s abandoned email account. There is no way that I know of to remove old & dead email addresses. I’m trying to reinstall Outlook in the hope that it will work this time.

No, spell check has not been discontinued. Please check your settings here:

If you mean the link is not underlined in the message after you paste it, then that probably means you are composing the message as plain text. Check the following setting:

Usually the option for reply is autodetect, but that means if you reply to a plain text message, your link that you paste will also be in plain text. I prefer both to be HTML as that gives me control over how my reply looks…

If you are referring to the recipient email addresses collected from the messages you send, you can edit them here: