Why am I told I don't have a license when I have a free license?

I am continually asked to reactivate my license. I thought we could use it on up to two devices for personal use. Now I find I have to have a second email address. Not going to happen. Time to uninstall this waste of space program and go back to gmail. I’m glad I didn’t purchase a license for this ridiculous program. What a waste.

Hello Phil,
we have a one license per device policy.
The two-account restriction is for the accounts setup inside eM Client.


Thanks for the reply Olivia;

It doesn’t matter anymore, I’ve uninstalled the email program and am now using Gmail again.


Please put this information on the pricing page. I almost bought the license, but if that’s the case - I’m pass.

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Hi Yaros,
this information IS present n our license info and pricing page.

In the new version of the web you can see a line called “Number or devices” and Free is limited to one but you can buy a specific number of devices for your Pro license.

Hello, after reading the earlier comments I have a question. I have been using the free version for a around 18months now on both my laptop and desktop, never had an issue. Just recently I had to install a new mainboard into the desktop and re-installed a few programs (eMC was one). Now I’m finding I am forced to re-activate my free license all the time. I’ve stumbled across the one license per device policy which explains what’s going on - only one device can be activated at any one time. Has this policy (or enforcement of it) changed recently as I never had this licensing issue on these two devices up until April 2021.
(Noting the current pricing for the 2 device Pro version is AUD$125, which isn’t a viable alternative - I’d pay up to $50)

A license is per computer, so if you want to use it on another computer, you need to first deactivate it on the old, before activating it on the new.

If that was not possible, say because the motherboard failed, then the license server still thinks it is activated on the old computer.

If that is the case, please write to sales@emclient.com, explaining what happened and they will reset it for you.

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Actually I just checked, and a Free license no longer needs to be deactivated before you move. If you want to use it on a new computer, you just need to go to Menu > Help > License and activate it.

That automatically deactivates it on the previous computer.

If it is for personal use only, and you want to use eM Client on two or more computers without re-activating the same license on every one, every time, then you can register a separate Free license for each computer. As you can only register one Free license per email address, you will need more than one email address.

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:+1: Yes I came to the same conclusion, which I have now done :slightly_smiling_face:
I was wondering why I did NOT have this problem before? I used the same free eMC license on both my laptop and desktop for well over a year before the motherboard died .