Why am I told I don't have a license when I have a free license?

I am continually asked to reactivate my license. I thought we could use it on up to two devices for personal use. Now I find I have to have a second email address. Not going to happen. Time to uninstall this waste of space program and go back to gmail. I’m glad I didn’t purchase a license for this ridiculous program. What a waste.

Hello Phil,
we have a one license per device policy.
The two-account restriction is for the accounts setup inside eM Client.


Thanks for the reply Olivia;

It doesn’t matter anymore, I’ve uninstalled the email program and am now using Gmail again.


Please put this information on the pricing page. I almost bought the license, but if that’s the case - I’m pass.

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Hi Yaros,
this information IS present n our license info and pricing page.

In the new version of the web you can see a line called “Number or devices” and Free is limited to one but you can buy a specific number of devices for your Pro license.