Why am I seeing multiple copies of the same e-mail ?

I am seeing multiple copies of the same e-mail (exact same content, time and date) have been loaded into the client. They are not there when I look on my gmail account. Why is this happening? Could I have toggled it to redownload the whole inbox somehow? Or maybe by “copy to folder” for more than 1 label it creates more than 1 copy?

Hi Brian, I believe this issue is connected to the Gmail’s labeling system.
Are you using smart folders in eM Client. The email message is probably not duplicate, but only has multiple labels assigned to it, which are displayed as folders in eM client, so you’re seeing the email doubled, simply because it’s in more folders at once.

Simple solution would be not using any of the gmail’s labels as starred, important and possibly not even using the “All Mail” folder, otherwise this is unfortunately how the emails will be displayed.
We’re considering some changes that could improve the behavior of labeled emails in eM client.

Thank you for understanding,