Why am I only allowed to send 5 emails during a 30 minute period?

After I have sent 5 emails within 30 minutes, they stay in my outbox until 30 minutes have gone by

Clearly you are not connected. 

EM client disconnects for no reason at times and then I get a message about the 5 emails. Very frustrating.

Under Settings>Mail>Send . . Make sure that the box is checked that says “Send messages immediately.”

I double-checked. That is already checked. Thank you for trying to help. It’s more the fact that I can only send 5 messages in 30 minutes…and after that, they stay in my Outbox…until 30 minutes is up.

Hello Barbara,
Are there any error messages?
Sounds like perhaps your mail server stops these messages from being sent, as eM Client has no limit for sending messages.
What account does this happen with?


Yes, I do get error messages and in the message it refers to a 5 email limit. What do you mean ‘what account’? Many thanks, Barbara