Why am I not getting all of my emails? Outlook is downloading them fine, as is my MacBook.

Seems like I’ve not been getting all of my emails. Other clients are working fine. What is causing this?

P.S. It looks like EMClient just randomly stops retrieving messages from the server. When I close the program and open it back up, the emails are retrieved. This has been going on for weeks at least on my GoDaddy imap account. What is the solution for this?

this issue has been reported by several users, this issue is caused by GoDaddy.
Even though we’re in contact with GoDaddy and we’re trying to resolve the issue, our options are limited
as it’s not an issue with the application.

For more information about this issue follow this topic (https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/topics/imap_not_showing_new_email)

Thank you,

Thanks, but since it works on my Mac and with Outlook doesn’t that indicate that the problem is with eMClient?

Unfortunately, despite some of it’s good features, apparently eM Client is not stable enough to rely upon for critical email. I’ve gotten no response to the fact that my GoDaddy account works with all other clients but not eM Client. This is the second time that eM Client has failed to keep up, resulting in lost or delayed emails. I feel as if I’ve wasted $50. Is there a refund option?

Hi, If you’re considering getting a refund can you please contact our sales department at sales@emclient.com

We’re sorry to hear this, we’re trying to resolve the issue, but as I mentioned previously the issue really isn’t based on our side.