Why all my received emails from @gmail.com is moving to my junk folder? I don ́t have any rules for that..

All emails from @gmail.com that I receive in my inbox are moving to Junk box. I tried to move back but it is coming back to Junk, why? I don ́t have any active rule.

Hi Marcio, if you don’t have any rules setup in eM Client, it’s possible it’s your mail server filtering out these messages as eM Client does not include any mail filtering system. eM Client can only move your messages to another folder based on a rule or in case you’ve manually blacklisted the address or domain.

If you’ve blacklisted the domain, you should be able to remove the blacklisted domain from the blacklist in Tools > Rules > Blacklist, in case there’s no blacklist option under rules, no addresses or domains have been blacklisted yet.