Emails from a particular contact always end up in the junk folder no matter how many times I say it is not junk.
Is it possile to edit the spam/whitelist lists manually?

Click on the email in question while in the junk folder to make it the focus of your action, and then chose “Move to Inbox” in menu.  This will offer you a dialog box that gives you two choices:

  • Move to Inbox
  • Move to Inbox and unblock domain, or email, whichever action was initially taken

If you are doing this and it isn’t working, then you would need help from the Support staff here.  

Hello Jeff,
you can check the Tools>Rules section.
The default SPAM rule just takes the messages your server marked as spam and sends them to the Junk folder. You cannot edit this rule.
WHen you blacklist an address or domain, eM Client automatically creates a Blacklist rule. This rule you can edit at any time and remove or add items to it.
If the particular contact is not in this Blacklist rule it must be your server rules marking it as junk.
You will need to whitelist the address on your server, as eM Client cannot automatically ignore server rules.


Thank you!

Thanks Olivia!


I am having the same issue here. But I am trying to whitelist an adress, which keeps ending up in the spam folder.

It would be great, if it would be possible to whitelist mails independently from the folder.  I don ́t really understand, why I can only whitelist mails in the junk folder but not in the spam folder.