Whisperer contacts export

Hello is it possible to export/import those email address which are in “whisperer”. I mean not contacts but those addressess you wrote in the past and em client is offering them when you type the address.


Go to Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipients History, and click on Show Recipients.

Select an address, or multiple addresses, and by right-click choose Save As Contacts. This will create a contact for each of these addresses and will be saved in the selected folder in your Contacts. From there you can export them if you wish.

You cannot import addresses into the recipient history, but that is done automatically every time you send a message.

jueves 07 octubre 2021 :: 1159hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @sdfsfd4544

Following @Gary instructions here is what I did.
Setup a new Contact Folder (any name you like, perhaps Recipients)
Then Menu ->Settings ->Mail ->Compose ->Show recipients
Then Ctrl +A in the window next Right Click anywhere in the window ->Save as contacts in your new contact folder
In Contacts seleet display as ‘People’ in the top Ribbon or your exported list will not contain all available information if you choose to print etc.
Select ONLY your new folder if you want only this specific list (deselect any others) Ctrl +A then Right Click to export list and save as CSV or HTML, I suggest HTML unless you want to use Excel etc. as a double click will open HTML in your browser, however, unless you really know what you are doing a CSV file is easier to edit than the exported HTML, if it is your intention to edit the list - try both you will see what I mean.

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