Which takes priority when syncing?

Windows7x64, eMC ver 6.0.23421.0. , IMAP on Gmail

If I make a change/entry/update/edit, which takes priority?

Like, if I fix up my contacts in eMC, will the contacts in Gmail be updated? How about in my Android phone?

Same question for, say, if I make a change on the Android, will Gmail and eMC be updated?

Which takes the higher priority?


Hi Carl,
IMAP always synchronizes with the server.
So, if you are online and make a change to the data (be it from phone, eM or gmail) it will be changed on the server.
The next device you check email from will sync to the current state of the server.
So if you remove a message through your phone and then later look into eM Client, the message will be removed as well, because eM Client checks the server.

Best regards,

Thank You!
(If I am remembering correctly, I also learned the other day that the local folder - such as the local calendar- doesn’t sync to Google’s servers. So, I made a Google Calendar online, and then copied everything from the local eMC calendar folder to the Gmail folder and bingo! Something like that. Everything syncs!)(So much to learn)
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