Which is safer, v8 or v9

I’ve got version 8. I run my business with it. I’m happy(ish) with it. I’m sure that version 9 is better and I will buy the upgrade. However, we are on release 1 of version 9 and often, despite testing, some software has trouble with first releases of version updates. There are also new features I’d like. So, my question is:

Which version is safer and more reliable in a windows 10 environment, version 8 or version 9 or are they equivalent?


I recently upgraded from v8 to v9 on my Windows 10 system, and I have only encountered one issue with something that doesn’t perform like it did in version 8 (making URL links clickable in plain text emails when reading them). Overall version 9 feels like a nice upgrade where things feel faster and the overall interface looks cleaner. So I am happy with the upgrade myself.

Of course everyone’s use case is different which might expose bugs unknown to myself, but in my use case I find version 9 very stable and reliable so far. If you are worried about upgrading to the first release of a new version, then you could always wait a few point releases to be made to fix any bugs reported in the first release. As you said despite testing, some bugs are not discovered until a wider release is made and more users make the jump to upgrade.

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I and my bro have been running the latest official release V9.0.1317.0 on Win 10 & Win 11 and seems to be working fine with multiple IMAP and Outlook Exchange (EWS) accounts.

Id go with V9. Way better features too. We also upgraded from V8.2.1659.0 & had no issues either.

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