Which categories are read-only?

I am evaluating this app hoping to migrated from GMail, and so that’s the type of server/account I am using to test.  I do not fully understand how GMail works, and I know they don’t use folders and have both categories and labels some which are built-in and some user-defined.  I want to know if eM-Client allows those built-in categories to be updated and colors changed.  I reviewed the Tools->Categories feature and did not see them listed.  I also need to know exactly which categories eM-Client allows to be updated/removed and which it does not.  I have noticed in my testing that certain categories that exist only by default could not be removed.  And that’s an issue - constantly seeing them in the list of categories is an unnecessary annoyance at best.  I’m hoping that I am just missing something.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

While the standard “color” categories cannot be deleted, you can rename them and to the extent you don’t want them to bother you, they can at least be moved to the bottom of the list (menu/tools/categories “move up”  “move down”).  To the extent you will use categories, I would just rename them to something useful.

Excellent!  An easy workaround, not ideal, but workable.