Where to select and store my default font...color for composng an email??

As a “Newbee” I’ve got the following question to ask:
As default for composing any new email, I’ve selected (and stored) the desired font and its size…but how come that I don’t seem to be able to locate where I can define (and store) the…COLOR of this selected font of mine??
So thanks very much in advance for “enlightening” me now accordingly…

now you can set font color only if there is some predefined text inserted in a template.

We will consider your request and this possibility will be probably added in the some of the future updates.

Thank you very much for this prompt reply of yours, dear Milos!

Indeed, upon creating such a template (with the starting word “Dear” in my favorite color), it works just fine whenever I compose a…NEW email message.

HOWEVER, upon clicking the “REPLY” button on an incoming email, my font will
be the one I selected under the menu option “SEND”; ie. an existing template is then being “disabled”…

In this regard, I noticed that ALSO the ORIGINAL message of such a received email is then automatically converted into my own font. So kindly let me know “where” I can select that the original (received) message shall maintain its own font structure (when replying directly); thanks in advance!

So for sure, your otherwise real great program (yes!) should definitely include the option "“color” at the font selection, as it is already a standard future on ALL email programs of Microsoft, including Mozilla’s Thunderbird!

In the meantime I remain with best regards from Switzerland,

Philippe Borel

Yes, you are right. Templates are not used while replying.
If you receive message in html (it has set font explicitly) and click Reply the message you are replying to has the same font as the sender set.
Your part of the message will have font defined in “Send” option.
Forward has the same behavior.

Best regards

Milos Kovalcik.