Where is the move to Folder (for) sent to people

I am trying to create rules for filing e-mails.  I want everything from regular correspondents to go in their folder - both sent and received.  I heard that the option to do this as a rule was coming.

As an option that would save enormous amounts of time, can we use Contacts to create the rules when we create/modify a contact.

I am trying to process my e-mail by creating a rule to/from then running apply rule to clear them from the inbox/outbox.  I’m also having trouble doing search and finding what I am looking for.  I read the support entry about bringing down mail headers only.  I’d like to bring down the whole message by default, or at least bring down all messages from Contacts.

Hello Ali,
the ‘sent to people’ option is in the rules options already in version 7:

To save full messages and not just headers please go to Menu>Tools>Accounts and under the IMAP tab check the options to 'Download messages for offline use"