Where is the archive button?

I have searched and I might be having a bad week but can’t find anything. It’s not there when I right click on the email. I don’t have a button visible that says archive. I even use the shortcut cntl+shift+A and that doesn’t archive the email. Not sure if I am missing something.

Hi, Archive button is available for use only with Gmail and only works in Inbox, also if you’re using Gmail and want to use the Archive you need to enable All Mail folder to be visible for IMAP connections.
If you’re not using Gmail, you can only use the Automatic Archiving feature implemented to eM Client, which archives your mail into a local folder Archive.

Hope this helps, thank you,

I use 4 mail accounts, thus I find it very easy to use the “all inboxes” lokated in the smart folders. However, I can only delete from here, not archive. 

is there any plan to implement the archive button also for “smart folders”? 

Hi, it is currently not a planned feature, you should be able to use a shortcut for archiving (Ctrl+Shift+A).
It is not possible to have the button in the general inbox (smart folders) as eM client is currently not able to detect to which email account does the email belong to.

Maybe in future releases…

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick reply. The short key does not work in the smart folders unfortunately. But the remove button and shortkey does work. So apparently it is possible from the smart folder to detect what email account belongs to remove the email.

Really hope that this will be implemented. It would be a huge time saver for me.



That’s because every email has a trash folder, but not every email has an online archive, and the feature is only enabled on gmail/google apps accounts.

We’ll try to look into this if this could be improved for future releases.

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