Where is my original eM Client ?

I’ve been using eM Client for nearly a year. Recently I clicked on a eM Client link thinking it was an upgrade. Turns out it installed another version of eM Client on my pc and the original one appears to have disappeared…along with all of my emails.

Fear not, your data still should be available. Sounds like you upgraded from v. 6 to v.7. This is more than a simple update, as the database structure is new and data from v.6 must be converted to the new structure. The update leaves you old data intact. During the upgrade, there is an option to import old data, which you might have missed. If so, simply go to menu/file/import and select eM Client 6. This should bring back all of your data.

Jay, cannot thank you enough.  Your solution was spot on.  All folders and emails are back as you predicted.  Thanks again !!!


My pleasure