Where is eM backup file located so I can back it up as apart of my computer backup operation?

I used eM “backup”. With outlook I found the pst file and backed up that file when i did my routine harddrive backups. Can I do the same with eM? If I have a harddrive crash can I expect to be able to restore eM data when I restore my hard drives “backup” which would include eM’s backup file. If not what is the best method?

Hi, go to Tools - Settings - General - Backup, there you will see location of your backup file/s.


Thank you for the quick response. Found the eM backup file and included the zip file in my hard drives backup setup.

With the ending of Outlook 2003 Support in April 2014, I have tried three other “outlook” replacement programs. eM Client was the only one that correctly imported mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Yes there were some duplicates but not a problem with your “deduplicator”. Also my Google contacts/calendar sync easily connected up.

This is only my second day of using the eM software but so far so good. Looking forward to using the program. Thanks Steve

thank you for showing us your support :slight_smile:


Spoke to soon about syncing. Got this error and calendar did not sync. Steve

Hi, can you tell me your version number from Help - License?