Where is all of my mail?! It's not showing in eM Client's "All Mail." Emails deleted from gmail are not showing. Thanks


Hi, could you tell me what email provider and protocol do you use?


I have both POP and IMAP enabled with SMTP.

Both pop3 and IMAP under one email account?? What provider do you use?

gmail / one account.

This popped-up:

An error occurred
Uploading item(s) to folder
failed with an error:
Invalid sequence value

Could you please make screenshot of your Tools - accounts - your account? I would like to see your tabs.

I am quite confused about your settings and I need to see them on my own eyes.


Hello John,

Just checking - haven’t heard from you since posting the screenshot. Maybe you’re away from work. Still cannot locate any older emails that should be saved in the server. I was sure that I was connected to “save” in the server, but now I can’t find the option…?

Thank you,

Hi, i am sorry for delayed answer, can you try using “download messages for offline use” under IMAP tab?

Can you also look into all your folder in left side panel? Gmail uses their internal “archivation” tool and it puts older emails under all-mails folder.