Where i cand found themes for em client?

Where i cand found themes for em client?

Currently there is no central place for themes. However we plan to add a page with themes to our website in the future.

this was a year ago. Does it take that long?

A little customized Theme can be found here:


With this Theme you have a red border around the today-day
and a light-yellow background of the selected day.
Also a light-gray background of the e-mail-header is added
and the color in e-mail-list was changed darker for better viewing.

Just unpack an copy it to C:/Program Files/eM Client/Themes/
then select under Extra->Preferences->Design “from File” and
select the file tm-Design and apply.

This is very funny; the two reasons that I am running away from new MS Office 2013, especially Outlook are the ugly modern ui, which makes it very hard for eyes to work and the useless big header in the mail client. There’s a big debate here you can look at: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/of…

Now that I have decided to give a try to em client and what I find is exact the same ugly bright ui and big mail header which are impossible to change at the moment :slight_smile: So tragic, I’ll have to look for other alternatives.


You can change the theme in Tools - Settings - Appearance - Themes.

George, please insert new themes. There are so few. Thks

Or at least tell us how to make our own.

Open Tools - Settings - Appearance - Themes - Advanced, click “Save the current Theme as” and then open the file e.g. in Notepad and edit the color values manually.

Dont have a paste "Themes in my eM Client :frowning:

Theme installed. I did not see anything red or yellow edges. Gray theme, simply.

This no longer works with v 7

Please, please make it work in V7 !!!

It does work in v7…

Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes

Select the theme closest to what you want and click on the ‘Advanced’ button.

Click ‘Save the current theme as…’.

Then open that ‘Theme.emtheme’ file with Notepad (or any text editor).

Then you can change the hex (colour) values for areas of the theme as you see it.

Once you have made your changes, just import it (in the same window as where you saved it from).

That was quick! Just got 7.1 running and find a big improvement to ‘Themes’. Still some questions like: where is “buttontext” defined? -in a CSS which we don’t have access to I suspect.

my new theme (not completed:)

the question is: how can I bring in the real (.theme) here?


Please add your theme here: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/custom_em_client_themes. You can export the theme from eM Client in Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes > Advances > Save theme as.


tnx :slight_smile: