Where does emClient save attachments by default?

Where does emClient save attachments temporarily? I had an email come in this morning with an attachment (odf) that I was able to open just fine. But I replied to the email BEFORE I saved the attachment. And now I can’t find the attachment anywhere, and it doesn’t show in the email stream (and yet the attachment on the email I sent originally does show up). Help? (I really don’t want to go through 654 pages of questions/replies, especially when most of the questions don’t have anything to do with attachments. Oh, my temp folders are all empty, and there are no default actions for attachments in Settings.

eM Client does not save the attachments separately from the message. Either the attachment is embedded in the message, or it is linked to the message.

Maybe you are looking at the wrong message. Turn off conversations in Menu > View > Conversations, and open your original received message that had the attachment. It should still be there.