Where do imported Outlook Notes go?

Where do imported Outlook Notes go?

When I did the import process from Outlook, one of the folders it gave me the option of importing was the Notes folder. It seems that the import was successful (at least for inbox, calendar and contacts).

But where do the the notes end up? I can’t find them anywhere.

We don’t support importing notes from Outlook. Feel free to suggest it as an idea (eg. “Support for notes and their import”), so other people can vote for it. All Outlook folders are displayed in the import wizard because Outlook allows placing mails, contacts and other types of items into the Notes folder.

after 3 years, you still do not support outlook notes? that may be a deal breaker. this is my first day using eM Client and I cannot believe that this has not been addressed in three years. Such a simple addition.

We don’t support importing notes from Outlook.???
I use notes on my iPhone, a lot… This won’t do for me, rats!

I can suggest to use Microsoft OneNote…works fine, can by synchronized (at least with Windows Phone; I don’t know about iPhone / Android), and offers probably more functionality than the notes in Microsoft Outlook.