Where are the themes?

I’ve found old topics such as this one, but it seems as though the “From File” option was just thrown in there and abandoned.

If theming is going to be provided via user-selected files, eM Client should provide an editor to make it easier. Otherwise, it’s just confusing.

Also, if we are able to manually edit a theme file, I’d like to be able to change out the graphics to match. I use icons from places like FamFamFam. Letting us provide the path to a PNG or ICO for each element would work.

I added it to our official feature requests list and we will consider it to one of the (probably not near) future versions.

Any update on this? I’d love to be able to do the same. It looks like Themes have been a topic of discussion for a couple of years now on these boards but from what I see eM really isn’t supporting this fully yet. I am a new eM client user that is testing many of the current (March 2012) MAP capable email clients as Outlook completely sucks with IMAP accounts. So far my only concern with eM Client is the fact that we cannot really customize the UI at all, including Themes and the toolbar. Other than that it is a very solid product with an extremely clean layout and will likely be my final choice.

I completely agree with Terry!! I came here from Thunderbird, really liking it except for the inability to customize the toolbar and very limited color customizing.

eM Client 5 allows you to fully customize graphic themes, but customization of Toolbar has not been implemented yet.