Where are the old emails in EM Client 7 ?

I had a problem with my PC and i had to reinstall Windows. I saved all datas of my computer on an external hard disk.
In Em Cleint, i don’t have any emails. How can I import old emails of Em Client 7 which were in my computer and now on the external storage ?

Hi Valentin,

Check files you saved on HDD for database folder from this location: C:\Users"username"\AppData\Roaming\eMClient , if you have it you should be able to just import your database.
Please note that you have to enable “show hidden folders” in Windows to locate it, you can follow this article for further steps: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14201/windows-show-hidden-files

Kind regards


Yes, but when I choose to import, what kind of file do I select ?



Steps you should perform:
Backup your current database via Menu>File>Backup…
Rename your current database folder(C:\Users"username"\AppData\Roaming\eMClient) so you avoid merging or rewriting your current DB.
It is better to manually copy (just to prevent data loss) whole database folder from HDD to the exact same location on your computer.
Please have in mind that eM Client should NOT be running at that moment.
Em Client should load it from there afterwards.
If you need further assistance we can offer Remote Support available with PRO version.

Thank you very much, all is ok !

You are welcome sir, I’m glad it is solved.